About us

As a young brand, we endeavour to bring a breath of fresh air to the rather stoic world of high jewellery. We began by redefining the underlying precepts of luxury jewellery – Design, Craftsmanship and Service; words we don’t take lightly at VON KRONBERG. In fact they are the guiding principles on which we found the brand.

We believe that “luxury” and “bespoke” are synonymous. Thus at VON KRONBERG, private commissions is the bedrock of our brand. Passion for design, the finest craftsmanship and impeccable service should be taken for granted…

On this website, we explain how the tailor made process works. We have gone to great lengths to ensure your emotional investment in creating that special piece of jewellery. So every time you wear it, you can proudly say you made it! (with a little help from friends…)

Please feel free to let us know how we can further refine the process to make it more enjoyable for you!

You can also see some fine examples from our collection. Of course each and every piece is infinitely customisable. Just remember, the only constraints are the limits of your imagination…

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We kindly invite you to contact us and arrange an appointment in our exclusive, private studio or at a location of your choice. We are very much looking forward to creating a unique piece of jewellery together with you!

Please send an e-mail to sales@von-kronberg.com or call us at +49 6173 99 46 707.